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Oxygen Delivery System: Room air is 21%..Oxygen mask may deliver up to 100% O2. Partial rebreather mask 8-11 L/m conserves about 1/3 of your exhaled air; should deflate slightly. Nonrebreather used to counteract smoke inhalation/ any short term therapy requiring 80-100% O2. Shouldn't deflate. No more than 3 L/m for COPD pts. Ventimask delivers exact low flow conc of O2. Provides air-O2 mixture.

Vocabulary for types of breathing masks: interpreters in healthcare and emergency settings to know, especially in ASL situations.


Oxygen Mask Adult w-7' Tubing Medium Concentration (Each)

Oxygen Mask Pediatric w/7' Tubing Medium Conc (each) - Pediatric. Fits on Chin. Features clear soft vinyl masks and adjustable nose clip. Comes complete with 7 feet of oxygen supply tubing.

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Surplus China air force fighter pilot YM 6505 OXYGEN Mask

Surplus China Air Force Fighter Pilot YM 6505 Oxygen Mask | eBay