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Chlorine: element with symbol Cl, atomic number 17; in the halogen group & is the second lightest halogen after fluorine; a yellow-green gas under standard conditions, where it forms diatomic molecules; has highest electron affinity and 3rd highest electronegativity of all elements; a strong oxidizing agent; free chlorine is rare on Earth & is usually a result of oxidation; most common compound of chlorine: sodium chloride

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H2O2 is a very common oxidizing agent and useful in organic chemistry @organicese

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Chemically, Oxidative stress is the stress related to the increased production of the oxidizing agents than that of the antioxidants inside our body cells. The Oxidative stress causes many ailments like stress, headache, cardiovascular diseases, depression etc. Several companies provide with the herbal solution for reducing the Oxidative Stress and promise for a healthier life.

Accent 200 Bill Total Cormay Method: Method is based on chemical oxidation, utilizing vanadate as an oxidizing agent; Specimen: Serum; Wavelength: 450 nm; Sensitivity: 0,13 mg/dl (2,22 µmol/l)*; Linearity: up to 51 mg/dl (872 µmol/l)*; Stability on board: to 12 weeks on board the analyser at 2-10°C; Calibration stability: to 12 weeks; Expiry date: to 30 months.

Pet Solution is a non-toxic cleansing agent for first-aid support for all pets. It is safe and all-natural. Made with Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water which increases the amount of oxygen to the wound sit...

Gummy Bear + Potassium Chlorate = Fiery Candy Death

Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG, looks at the most commonly used material to strengthen gluten is ascorbic acid, also called vitamin C. The material itself is originally a reducing rather than an oxidizing agent, but it is converted into an oxidative substance, namely dehydroxy ascorbic acid (DHAA), through the action of flour enzymes during dough preparation.

That’s the idea – and based on the reagents in typical organic chemistry textbooks. Description from I searched for this on