i want an owl tattoo similar to this. i'll make it my own, obviously. and i'd get it on the back of my calf.

Owl Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, Meanings, and Photos

One of many Owl tattoo's I'm looking for the PERFECT but hard when i love different owl ideas,.Thinking i mite end up with a family of owl's or ill never be able to decide an end up with not a one.

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I designed this tattoo for myself. The owl represents knowledge, wisdom and the love of books and learning.

Owl foot tattoo by Tim Senecal of Easthampton, MA

Owl foot tattoo by Tim Senecal - I did this foot tattoo of an owl for a customer It was a really fun tattoo to do. The customer was trusting and allow

Foot tattoos can look very striking for one thing, the foot provides a nice flat place for the tattoo to lie, and for another thing, foot t...

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Anastasia Brovarnik, better known as Anna Bravo is a rather talented tattoo artist from Russia who draws wonderful and inspiring floral tattoos.

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37 Mysterious Owl Tattoo Designs