These artworks give a glimpse of what the Overwatch characters look like in casual clothes during their time off.

Overwatch- "Casual Pharah" by MonoriRogue on DeviantArt [Fanart/art/blizzard/amari/attack/digital/painting]

Overwatch pharah mcree & mercy

Overwatch pharah mcree & mercy - Image of Mercy promising Ana to help feel Pharah away from Overwatch because that's not the future Ana wanted for her

Pharah - Overwatch by on @DeviantArt

armor artist name bangs black hair bodysuit braid brown eyes brown hair brown lipstick closed mouth dark skin drakyx eye of horus eyebrows eyelashes facial mark facial tattoo gradient gradient background hair tubes highres lips lipstick makeup olo ov

cyberclays: “ Pharah - Overwatch fan art by Liang xing

I'm not a big fan of overwatch but this is pretty cool cyberclays: “ Pharah - Overwatch fan art by Liang xing

Девушки из  Overwatch overwatch, Mei, Sombra, Pharah, Mercy, PharMercy, Ana Amari, длиннопост

(Ana)Overwatch - If I'm required to be a healer, might as well be a sniper at the same time.