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Having been neither under or over whelmed by The Goddess Test, I was expecting more of the same from Goddess Interrupted. After repeatedly putting the book down in frustration, just to pick it back up again a minute later, I quickly realized that Goddess Interrupted had successfully infiltrated my defences and dug its emotionally-havoc wreaking claws in deep.

Phan about to watch TFIOS... Aww. and Dan cried more than Phil... I just squeaked so hard my dog ran over to see what was wrong... Over whelmed with cuteness


Wally running from Artimes, the only thing worse then over sappy romantic moments is when two people are oblivious to the romance they are in!

from The Badass BusinessMum

4 Important Steps to Take Back Control of Your Business Today

Are you feeling over-worked and over-whelmed but you're still under-achieving? Take back control of your business, de - stress and step off the trail of entrepreneurial self destruction with these 4 important tips


When I came across this wonderful video tutorial I was over whelmed at this Rainbow shard chocolate cake recipe as the end results are amazing... so pretty


This is a calming jar. Instead of timers for time out. Use this. Shake it up, and place it in front of your LO. Explain to them that when it's all shook up, that's how their mind is when they are angry/frustrated/over-whelmed. That sitting there watching all the glitter fall to the bottom will help them calm down, and when they calmed down they can see clearly again.