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WK 4 L 2 DERMOID OR CYSTIC TERATOMA WITH "TIP OF THE ICEBURG SIGN" Mature (cystic) ovarian teratoma | Radiology Reference Article |


Cancer is an ugly word with a scary meaning

What can you tell a wonderful person diagnosed with cancer? that they are awesome and you are there for them


Japanese surgeons have pulled a mass of hair, bone, and a tiny, malformed brain, from a teenager’s ovary. What started as a fairly routine operation resulted in a 10-centimeter ‘monster’ being pulled from the teenager’s abdomen, according to a paper recently published in Neuropathology. While performing a run-of-the-mill appendectomy on a 16-year-old female patient, the Japanese surgeons discovered a tumor growing on one of her ovaries. What they found inside was pure nightmare fuel – hair…