Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. Always on the lookout for a new series to get sucked into.

Which Outlander Sequel Is Best?

To read- Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon (Has the new book included in the list!) My favorite books of all time! Can't wait till March 2014 when the new one comes out.

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Outlander (By Diana Gabaldon)In Outlander, a time-travel romance, strong-willed and sensual Claire Randall leads a double life with a husband in one century, and a lover in another. Torn between fidelity and desire, she.

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~ Claire & Bree pay their respects after the passing of Reverend Wakefield. They meet his adopted son, Roger (Richard Rankin).

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A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows: An Outlander Novella

Available for the first time as an exclusive eBook in this original Outlander novella, Diana Gabaldon reveals what really happened to Roger MacKenzie Wakefield’s parents. Orphaned during World War II… read more at Kobo.

"Fergus! What do you mean by sneaking off like that?" - Claire and Fergus #Outlander

And that my friends is how you know that a woman cares for you. First she tells you how terrified she was that you could have gotten hurt and then she threatens to finish the job.

So, in this week’s Outlander, we finally get to the episode all Outlander book fans have been waiting for. The wedding! It’s an arranged marriage, basically forced upon Claire, in order to make her Scottish and protect her from the evil British Army Captain Randall. (Meanwhile, she still has a 20th century husband whom she …

Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander S1E7: The Wedding

Outlander Books in Order: How to read Diana Gabaldon series behind the Starz show?

Outlander Books in Order: How to read Diana Gabaldon series behind the Starz show?