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Feeding Your Feline Obsession: 9 Ways To Make Your House The Cat's Meow

The question of whether you're a a dog person or a cat person is one of our culture's most divisive quandaries. And, as most of us know, dog people can let their furry friends roam around outside without any fear. But for cat people, things aren't so...


We needed a safe, secure area for our cats to run in but we also wanted to share their space too. Description from I searched for this on


OUTDOOR CAT ROOM — Gone are the litter-box odors and the food messes in our downstairs bathroom, forever. There's room for the litter-box, food, and water. It also features a galvanized mesh paw-cleaning mess-free floor, led lighting (swapped for a heat lamp when it's cold), and a place to lounge and view the woods. The cats have never had it so good! (Designed and built by Greg Piper 2016-03-04)