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“We were dancing everywhere. We’d be on breaks between filming, we were doing them. I remember there was a trip out to go see a band and we all went back to Emma’s house in London for a bit and we waltzed in her kitchen, just doing the dancing. Just practicing.” - Matt Lewis

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If the thought of an audition makes you feel two inches tall, try these tricks to help you feel like a pro. #theatre

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I'm actually pretty sure it's an arrow I mean spinning his arrows sounds like something Clint would do

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I just had this random and sudden urge to draw a cute solangelo scene, but when I got to the 3rd frame out of nowhere I just really really felt like drawing Leo, and this is the outcome…<<<So much love.

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There's a song we sang for contest in choir called Cry Out and Shout... ...well, we followed the instructions. It feels like pulling a cheese grater across the inside of my throat.

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from the art abroad blog: art room noise levels poster. I want to make one for my hs class: Three Levels--project, share, assessment

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What is the purpose of a band press kit? Disc Makers

In this excerpt from our Definitive Press Kit Guide for Musicians, we lay out the purpose of your band press kit and maintaining your artist brand.

Their songs managed to appeal to parents and grandparents as well as the newly empowered teens and twenty-somethings speaking out for a new world order. Though the Beatles disbanded in 1970, their albums remain best-sellers. On 7 February 1964, the Beatles arrived at John F Kennedy airport in New York, greeted by thousands of screaming fans. This Daily Mirror article documents Beatlemania crossing the Atlantic, as the band dubbed the Fab Four arrived to play their first concerts in America.