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Yuri!!! On ice/ Ouran high school host club crossover

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YOI meets OHSHC - Victor Nikifrov meets Tamaki Suoh and Yuri Katsuki meets Haruhi Fujioka

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What Ouran Host are you?

I don't think people realise why they're wearing different clothing... Virus and Trip anyone? XD

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ouran high school host club | Tumblr

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Hikaru<<< OKAY. Look at the contemplative look on his face, this is OBVIOUSLY Kaoru. Wanna fight about it?

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Shock in the anime world is represented by a loss of one's pupils and temporary blue lines under the eyes.

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Haha this part was so funny! "So that's what s&m is; I can't believe I almost let you get away with that senpai" Ouran high school host club is a cute shoujo

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