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Possessed: Patricia Quispe, 18, from Peru became 'possessed by the devil' after using a Ouija board app

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Shocking Video Shows Girl 'Possessed' After Playing Ouija Board App - http://www.lifedaily.com/shocking-video-shows-girl-possessed-after-playing-ouija-board-app/

[Controversial] Girl 'Possessed By The Devil 'Screams And Convulses After Playing Ouija Board App


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Teen 'possessed by devil when she used a Ouija board app on her phone'

Buyer photo mrozelle43, who reviewed this item with the Etsy app for Android.

The spirit board was found stuffed inside a heating vent by builders carrying out renovation work. Workmen must come across a lot of strange things behind walls and under floorboards, but imagine tearing down an old heating vent and finding a Ouija board hidden behind it. This was the scenario … Continue reading

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