Funny book memes you'll get if your best friends are fictional characters.

17 Things You'll Relate to If Fictional Characters Are Your Best Friends

captain hook ouat I knew there was some pirate in you swan - Google Search

Devilishly handsome Colin O'Donoghue AKA Killian Jones (Captain Hook from Once upon a time)

Huh, just realized that...did aging stop in the curse too? ONCE UPON A TIME <3

Chapter Five

mine meme once upon a time ouat Emma Swan once upon a time spoilers bad luck emma

Once Upon a Time meme

Zelena is probably my fave OUAT villain, if we aren't including Regina and Rumple in that category, then it gets too hard.

Awesome Regina in awesome Neverland in the awesome Once S3 E9 #SaveHenry aired Sunday 12-1-13

Awesome Regina in awesome Neverland in the awesome Once aired Sunday Haha!

Work fails and office memes — 100 Pics

Too bloody good to not share Go ye out to yonder castle and slay the mad wizard from

Mr. Gold has his revenge on gina :D - once-upon-a-time Fan Art

Once Upon A Time an Evil Queen tried to curse every storybook character you’ve ever known…