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Very Rare image of Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germany also Holy Roman Emperor during the time of the Ottonian Dynasty. From the Sacramentary of Henry II (1002 -1014). Undeniable proof of so called black presence throughout Europe.


Gold and enamel Anglo-Saxon roundel: gold tray inlaid with cloisonne enamel; depicting the right Hand of God in opaque white enamel. Late 10th/early 11th Century - found by an armature metal detectorist in Hampshire, England and currently housed in the British Museum.


Merovingian Gold and Garnet Swastika Brooch, 5th-6th century A.D.

Battleaxe In the late 900s and early 1000s, Scandinavian rulers such as Swein…


Silver penny of Athelstan / Guthrum, imitating Alfred's 'Two-line' type ©