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Very Rare image of Henry II (972-1024) King of Italy and Germany also Holy Roman Emperor during the time of the Ottonian Dynasty. From the Sacramentary of Henry II (1002 -1014). Undeniable proof of so called black presence throughout Europe.


Gold and enamel Anglo-Saxon roundel: gold tray inlaid with cloisonne enamel; depicting the right Hand of God in opaque white enamel. Late 10th/early 11th Century - found by an armature metal detectorist in Hampshire, England and currently housed in the British Museum.


Side view of the Imperial Crown of the Holy Roman Empire with a plate that shows Jesus with two angels. Most of the rulers of the German Kingdom were crowned with it since the high middle ages. Made during the late 10th-11th century.


Cover of the Uta Codex, Regensburg ca.1020. Created at the behest of the Abbess Uta, it is not only one of the most beautiful of Ottonian manuscripts but also one of the most complex.


CAROLINGIAN ROCK CRYSTAL PENDANT 8th-9th century AD A keeled ovoid crystal in a silver cell with running coil to the edge, integral loop above; Carolingian or Ottonian workmanship. 15 grams, 47mm (2").


CAROLINGIAN RING WITH CRYSTAL 9th-10th century AD A Carolingian or Ottonian flat-section gilt-bronze ring comprising; hoop with knop to the underside, elliptical bezel with dentilled edge clasping a keeled rock crystal insert.