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A simple grey bedroom, great for guest bedrooms. Mix the tones of grey paint used to create a bit of light in the room.

La primera vez que nos planteamos hacer una reforma de un baño en donde se incluyese la lavadora y secadora nos surgieron multitud de dudas acerca de la distribución y la decoración, las ideas que ...


Could do simplified vetsion of this if washer in bathroom. Corner shower with vanity on one side & washer/dryer/linen closet on other side. Toilet across from toilet.

Bedroom is one of most important room in your house. Here, you relax and rest your body and mind. Therefore, it’s important to make your bedroom as comfortable as you can. The best way to do that is creating as much space as you can. With more space, your bedroom won’t looks and feels cramped. And, it can affect your sleep quality. One of easy way to do that is using queen platform bed frame with storage. The storage safe more space that you usually use for cabinet and other keeping stuff…

22 Best Queen Platform Bed Frame with Storage Choice for Your Bedroom

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DIY alert! plastic toys + old lamp + gold spray = fantastic new lamp!

Find little animals, glue them to a lamp, spray it all in gold (or other) color.


DIY Art Cart - IKEA RASKOG cart - once I can trust the girls to have free range on craft supplies

Så homestylar du hemmet inför försäljning med 10 grymma tips – Metro Mode

like the gallery wall (subtle) and chair----------Interior Design : 5 Elements of a Room - Arts and Classy

Jo, jag veeeet att det är supertrendigt med mörka väggar och att jag i egenskap av nyhetsuppdaterad inredningsbloggare förväntas omfamna de grå/blå/svarta och mörkgröna kulörerna för väggar och tak me

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9 saker som du inte trodde att du kunde förvara på dörren

bedroom / art wall.

Although it has a mix of multiple different colors they all go together and compliment each other very well. Cozy room overall :)