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Looking for an alternative to OTC medicine? Trying a popular CONDIMENT can welcome quick sinus relief. #dherbs #healthtips

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Vetstreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly shares her favorite must-have O-T-C meds for pets, including everything from Pepcid for upset canine stomachs to Benadryl for hot spots and hives.

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Clear the Throat of Mucus

Mucus is unpleasant, nasty, and sometimes stays with you for longer than expected. You'd rather get rid of it than let it run its course, but you don't really know how. Click the link for more information on how to clear your throat of phlegm and mucus.

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7 foods that fight allergies [infographic

Allergies and the OTC meds designed for them got you down? Consider a natural approach to get them under control and feel better!

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Throw away those OTC allergy meds and use essential oils!

Building an all natural medicine cabinet for your dog or cat is not as hard as you think

If your dog is under the weather, this list of dog-friendly meds might make him…

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