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GISHWHES 2013 | IMAGE - Create a shrine to an actor from a CW show. Pay homage to it. > avengingsassydestiel: We just made him into an actual shrine. He has the best “FML” face.

Cas' GISHWHES 2013 Osric Chau Shrine with bonus Osric Chau <--- WOW! You know there are bonus points being awarded for that one!

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Osric cosplaying as Castiel. http://deanbelievesinwholockholmes.tumblr.com/post/86633434289/sonofabitchblog-osric-chau-casplay-at-the

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Meanwhile Misha and Osric. There comes a point in the supernatural fandom that we just stop questioning what they are doing and just roll with it.

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Supernatural: Misha and Osric kayaking to raise money for Random Acts.

Ty Olsson and Osric Chau convention panel at Asylum10 - This is just awesome! I apprecaiate this... now Osric its my turn! :B

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Ty Olsson and Osric Chau convention panel at - Best thing i've seen all week.

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This young man is my inspiration.

I was just thinking about that as soon as Kevin took out the frying pan! Osric, you really are awesome!

Osric Chau as Castiel. LOVE IT! (But did anyone notice the tiny TARDIS on the shelf..?)

Osric Chau as Castiel. LOVE IT! (But did anyone notice the tiny TARDIS on the shelf.) I loved the Castiel dress he wore for the episode party.

He is playing a guitar with an orange while sitting in a box. Should we be concerned or applaud him for his ingenuity and creativity?

"He's not taking Kevin's death well." Not to mention he's in a cardboard box.

too soon, jibcon | Osric Chau and Felicia Day

Kevin Tran and Charlie Bradbury Characters you should NOT have killed.>>And Gabe. And Meg. And the list goes on