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Primera sesión de repaso de PAU: seleccionando imágenes - Bioquímica - Agua y Sales Minerales - Conceptos de presión osmótica y HOMEOSTASIS. Osmotic pressure; Osmotic Shock


There are three types of osmosis hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic. These are the effects of different solutions on blood cells. This picture is of the osmotic pressures on blood cells.

Naked eggs! Osmosis or reactions of acid with a carbonate (Eggs shells are mostly calcium carbonate) or rates of reaction (Concentration of acid).


Osmotic pressure: An illustration showing the effects of osmotic pressure on red blood cells. On the left, the cells are in a hypertonic environment, causing water to flow across the cell membrane out of the cell. Cells are shown in an isotonic environment in the center, and in an hypotonic solution on the right. Image credit: Mariana Ruiz