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Osama Bin Laden Memes

47 Images That Will Make You Go "Wut"

It's a dank meme or dank comedy because it is so random and they used the bottom of Osama bin ladens face


EXO Facebook #Hunhan #Xiuchen #randomKai


To Be Clear: Trump would rather trust the guys who try to steal US military technology rather than the guys who tracked down Osama bin Laden.


This actually made me laugh!!


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Osama Bin Laden after practicing judo - Lets Open The Family Album Best of Web Shrine


Watching the raid on Osama bin Laden: that's the pizza guy right at the back


Obama's 'just ask Osama bin Laden' line instantly a meme

The internet was inspired by President Obama's State of the Union quote, 'ask Osama bin Laden,' and quickly turned it into a meme

NSA surveillance revelations: Osama bin Laden would love this

NSA Surveillance Revelations: Osama bin Laden would love this!!

Obama's 'just ask Osama bin Laden' line instantly a meme

It was a back-slapper of a line and now President Obama's boast – 'ask Obama bin Laden' – has taken on even more life online with Twitter users adding it to pictures and GIFs.