Watching the main stream media is something I don't do. My father called me this morning to tell...

ISIS Fulfilling Illuminati Plan For World War III Islamic extremism is being covertly used by the CIA to fulfill the purpose of the Illuminati and bring about World War III.

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A jailed Pakistani doctor believed to have helped the CIA hunt down al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden will be neither released nor handed to the United States.

Where is the Death Certificate : bin Laden’s Death Certificate Doesn’t Exist "No certificate of death was issued for Usama [Osama] bin Laden.”

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St. Germain Drops 911 Bombshell!!!: Proof that Osama bin Laden Was CIA and Died in 2001! Osama Bush CIA Connections Watching the main stream media is something I don’t do. My father called me this …

Dr Shakil Afridi, a government surgeon who helped the CIA uncover Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, was sentenced to 33 years for treason, officials confirmed.

From Ronald Reagan and the Soviet-Afghan War to George W Bush and September 11, 2001. How Reagan and the US endorsed, supported, funded the now called "Islamic terrorists" and recruited Osama bin Laden and trained him, and the years that followed. Just got blocked from a racist right winged conservative christian's boards for being "full of crap" when I mentioned it.

He still might have been part of the CIA Like your boards Storm and Grace except for Hillary

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