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Osage Nation Sleeveless Shirt Great Seal of Osage Nation - The Osage Nation, originally named Ni-u-kon-ska (“People of the Middle Waters”), is a Midwestern Native American tribe of the Great Plains who historically ruled much of Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

Map featuring traditional Osage lands by the late 17th century in the states of northwest Arkansas, southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri, and northeast Oklahoma. The missionary Isaac McCoy described the Osage as "uncommonly fierce, courageous, warlike nation" and Washington Irving said they were the "finest looking Indians I have ever seen in the West."

Maria Tallchief was the United States’ first prima ballerina, and she was the first Native American to really break into the world of ballet. She and her family were part of the Osage Nation, and they were well-off thanks to…Read more ›

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Last Native American mound in St. Louis is visited by Osage Nation tribe that purchased the site.

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The Osage Council, with other Osage Indians, who came to Washington in connection with gas and mineral rights on the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells, Assistant Commissioner E.B. Meritt and Superintendent of the Osage Nation J. George Wright are in foreground

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Osage Nation relatives of Maj. Gen. Clarence L. Tinker, dressed in native attire, sing and dance to a song written to Tinker during their annual four day celebration called In-lon-shka held in Pawhuska Indian Village, Okla., June 30, 2013. Tinker was the highest ranking officer of Native-American ancestry and the first general lost in action during World War II. (Photo by Desiree N. Palacios)

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