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Male pheasants fight for feeding grounds and females. Wildlife photographer Richard Peters who caught the feisty pair on camera on farm land in Hertfordshire said: I couldn't believe how vicious they were. Picture: Richard Peters / Rex Features


Super Sweet Girly gradient using @johnrussobeauty @johnrussonails Mog, Ava and Oriole Lane. All 3 deliciously creamy and just plain Yum. Okay now for the Bad news........ I lost a corner on my middle nail so had to file a further smidge. So happy I'm a Duri Rejuvacote user though as they should all be back to their midi length with a few weeks. In the meantime I'll just learn to love these shorties.


Henry VIII had seven wives: In an article published in Tudor Matrimonial Studies, a historian has revealed that Henry VIII married Anne Mourgan in 1538 – less than a year after the death of Jane Seymour. A letter from Henry to Anne, referring to her as "my sweete flowere" has been published.

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Baltimore Orioles play Chicago White Sox at empty stadium – video

Baltimore Orioles play Chicago White Sox at empty stadium – video | US news | The Guardian

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Let's NOT go out to the ballgame: Baseball's first ever game behind closed doors gets underway in Baltimore as Orioles and White Sox stand for National Anthem in front of an empty stadium

The Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles played the first ever baseball game behind closed doors at Camden Yards