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my ladle mounted to a old piece of board. (bird feeder) add half orange, grape jelly, birdseed or water.


Homemade bird feeders

homemade bird feeders - a simple, fun activity for kids to encourage wild birds to visit your garden


The Sphere is perfect for a drinking station for your birds and butterflies! Or, use it to feed jelly or mealworms to your favorite songbirds! It's made with clear recycled glass and metal and does not have drainage holes. Buy several and link them together to feed a crowd!


How to Make an Oriole Bird Feeder

Learn How to Make an Oriole Bird Feeder using wire and oranges to hang in your yard. This DIY bird feeder design idea is an easy and frugal way to attract beautiful orioles to your home and garden .


Audubon Going Green Oriole Bird Feeder

Going Green Oriole Bird Feeder

The Oriole Bird Feeder has two jelly dishes for hungry orioles. The orange poly-lumber is made from recycled plastics.


Expect happy guests to fly in for the feast served in this lovely hand-blown glass bowl feeder. Striking perfect harmony between the strength of the metal framework and the delicate beauty of the red and yellow glass serving dish, this feeder’s molded metal bird motif will encourage all of your f...


Songbird Garden Bird Feeder Chart, Bird Feeding Chart For Backyard Birds at Songbird Garden