Origami Buttonhole Flowers. Whole site of origami instructions.

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Easter Origami Instructions: Rabbit (Jun Maekawa)

Origami Bunny Tutorial (link to video on page) cruelty free Easter bunny sure to put a smile on anyone's face :)

Spiral Origami                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Origami a Tomoko Fuse's Espiral (Spiral)


Origami Hinged Box Video Tutorial

Hummingbird Origami A3 Poster Print. $18.00, via Etsy.

Such a nice idea, print out instructions on how to make different origami figures then frame and display.

Origami Azalea Flower Folding Instructions / Origami Instruction

Origami Azalea Flower Folding Instructions / Origami Instruction on imgfave

Origami Modular Christmas Tree Folding Instructions | Origami Instruction

Bialbero di Natale - Double Christmas tree, designed and folded by Francesco Guarnieri, November Diagrams: guarnieri-origami.

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52 Insanely Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas You’ll Love!

We are back with some more fun and creative gifts ideas for Christmas. This winter holidays, just when you are gearing up for the Christmas festivities.