Is your desk out of control with cords galore? Our DIY cord organizer is an inexpensive way to de-clutter that mess and get you in charge of your chargers! - Everyday Dishes & DIY

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Might work in the cupboard under where I want to put the deep fat fryer as there is no socket close by! organizing cords under your desk;could I adjust this and hide the cable box in the curtains?

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Organizing cords - in the office, cover a box with the main color in the office, chic and organized

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Simple idea that makes so much sense. Cord organization. What I really love though is her DIY box dividers made from scrap cardboard, covered with spray adhesive & scrapbook paper - so many applications! Good pictures too.

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DIY Label Projects and Free Printables • Tutorials and printables, including these DIY washi tape cord labels by 'The Chic Site'!

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