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Nerve cells. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of nerve cells, known as neurones.

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Hair: Karine Jackson using Organic Colour Systems Make-up: Maddie Austin Styling: Claire Frith Photography: Jack Eames

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Your Hair is the crown you never take off - keep it shining.with Organic Colour Systems

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Hair musing: Debbie Harry | blondie, debbie harry, organic colour systems, 70s, 80s, blonde, platinum | Glasshouse Journal

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Hair musing: Charlotte Rampling | charlotte rampling, style, hair musing, organic colour systems, brunette, blonde, glasshouse salon | Glasshouse Journal

Eckhard Völcker’s photos of microscopic details of plants and flowers. Oh Nature, you are beautiful.

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Hair Trends: The Half-Bun | glasshouse salon, organic colour systems, hair trends, hair musing, grunge, bun, half bun, how to's | Glasshouse Journal

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