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Many insurance plans renew eligibility on January so now is the perfect time to schedule your annual eye health exam! Call today and start the year off with vision!

People who repeatedly call to see if their  glasses are in.  When we told you we'd call you when they're in,  I promise WE WILL call you!!

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disorders of the eye                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Disorders of the Eye anatomy poster illustrates cataract, corneal ulcers, retinal tear and detachment, floaters, glaucoma

Discover the advantages of bifocals and trifocals over progressive lenses.

Gary Heiting explains what you need to know about bifocals and trifocals, including occupational multifocal lenses for work and play.

*Polarized sunglasses* have been popular for quite some time. It helps fishermen and boatsmen who require minimizing reflected glare from the water around them.Info graphics submit on

Are your sunglasses Did you know the technology does more than provide glare reduction? Learn about the nifty benefits of Polarized Glasses in this sweet

Optician Practice Test Sample Questions

Better Vision Health With Relaxation Techniques - Listening to Vision Health Signals