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The Extraordinarily Remarkable Life and Art of M. C. Escher

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in…


Flashback: Bridget Riley at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool


Warning: These Perfect Loop GIFs Will Hypnotize You

Imagine getting an hypnotic errection just by listening to this erotic hypnosis session, Use this powerful sex programming to provide you with never ending orgasms and sexual pleasure.


$14.99 (Buy here: ) Best Deal APM 2.5 2.6 2.8 Optical Flow Sensor Optical Flow V10 No GPS Point For RC Camera Drone Accessories for just $14.99

Philips LED light clothes by Mary Huang and Hussein Chalayan. Probably older pictures because Philips Lighting was sold and the link to this page is blind. Still.. nice images ;-)


Tower of London

This summer, the Tower Of London will be surrounded by a sea of crimson. This installation, conceived by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper, will commemorate each and every British or Colonial fatality from World War 1 by planting 888, 246 red ceramic poppies in a flowing sea around the tower. My mum purchased a poppy for a relative lost in this battle. Absolutely beautiful.


$21.00 (Buy here: ) Optical Flow Sensor Horizontal Position for APM2.5 Flight Control Board for just $21.00

Optical Flow option in the Time Interpolation drop-down box selected

4. The future applications of drones such as this one are that it has easy to swap batteries, an HD camera, 7 sensors: Accelero, gyro, magneto, sonar, optical flow, altimeter, and GPS, smartphone control over WiFi, it is the same size and weight of soccer ball so it is small + efficient, it has protective grids to prevent injuries, and an on-board computer! #livingtheflylife #drones #future