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Opposite Of Latter

Sneezing and Yawning Ibn Hajar, may Allah have Mercy on him, said that Al-Khattabi said, “What is meant by liking and disliking here refers to the causes, because sneezing is due to energy in the body, opening the pores and not eating too much, unlike yawning which is due to filling the body and making it heavy, which stems from eating too much and mixing different types of food. The former gives one energy for worship and the latter is the opposite.”


I wish I had one more day. Just to see you once more. I'd thank you for all that you were to me and kiss you goodbye xx

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11 Cute and Creative Ways To Repurpose An Old Ladder

Finally, a bedside table with enough space for all the items not quite worth leaving bed for. Get the tutorial at Funky Junk Interiors. -


Yuji Moriguchi. This moves me but in opposite ways. Sad for the lonely girl or content with her time to dream. Leaning toward the latter.


Flying Hurricane Mk I LK-G from Merville at noon on 2 November 1939, P/O William D "Dennis" David claimed a He 111H-2 with P/O Christopher CD "Chris" Mackworth near Poperinghe as the second success of No 87 Squadron RAF recorded during combat on the day. The 21-year-old pilot of A Flight received hits to the wingtips, while the latter's fuel and oil tanks had been holed by return fire from the reconnaissance bomber of 2(F)./122 that was reported to have force-landed in Belgium.


Cornel Wilde, Hollywood dreamboat was born Kornel Lajos Weisz in Prievidza, Hungary

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HTC's Desire 10 phones make midrange power feel more premium

HTC's Desire 10 phones make mid-range power feel more premium

An "albino" plant isn't the same as an albino animal. The latter condition causes the absence of the pigment melanin, but in plants, it comes down to another missing pigment, the one that allows photosynthesis to happen, chlorophyll.

I love how this girl (don't know her name sorry) pretty much taught herself about #SPN via tumblr, and basically gets everything right - except for calling Bobby useless and Crowley God. And she even picked up on #Destiel and #Samifer (even if I don't ship the latter).


Most countries have at least one mythical monster lurking in their waters or forests, and Ireland is no exception. In fact, the whole island is littered with legendary beasts and cryptids, but possibly the most impressive of them all is Dobhar Chu. It’s often thought to be a sort of Irish version of the Loch Ness Monster, but Dobhar Chu is actually almost the polar opposite of Nessie. Where the latter is a more or less peaceful theoretical Scottish plesiosaur, the former is a bloodthirsty…