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Opposite Of Latter

from This Old House

11 Ways to Repurpose and Decorate with Ladders

To add a bedside storage table and shelf in a tight space, Donna, of @funkyjunkdonna beefed up an old ladder with salvaged boards for shelves and wall supports.


I love how this girl (don't know her name sorry) pretty much taught herself about #SPN via tumblr, and basically gets everything right - except for calling Bobby useless and Crowley God. And she even picked up on #Destiel and #Samifer (even if I don't ship the latter).


The Circumcision 1500, Marco Marziale FullscreenReset The donor, Tommaso Raimondi (died 1510), was a jurist and a poet. He is seen on the right of the painting, opposite his wife, Doralice Cambiago, on whose clothing the letter 'D' is embroidered. The kneeling boy may be their son Marco. Two other figures may be Tommaso Raimondi's brother Eliseo, and the latter's wife Lorenza degli Osi.

from Salon

According to the dictionary, “literally” now also means “figuratively”

Flying Hurricane Mk I LK-G from Merville at noon on 2 November 1939, P/O William D "Dennis" David claimed a He 111H-2 with P/O Christopher CD "Chris" Mackworth near Poperinghe as the second success of No 87 Squadron RAF recorded during combat on the day. The 21-year-old pilot of A Flight received hits to the wingtips, while the latter's fuel and oil tanks had been holed by return fire from the reconnaissance bomber of 2(F)./122 that was reported to have force-landed in Belgium.

from Engadget

HTC's Desire 10 phones make midrange power feel more premium

The last time we saw a new Desire phone, HTC had basically speckled it with paint in the name of fashion. We can’t blame them – the effect was pretty damned cool – but now the company is trying...


Kilt; Meroitic; 1stC BC-4thC; Qasr Ibrim Large fragment of undyed cotton cloth, shaped during wearing. Outline roughly trapezoidal, with an extension in one corner. Fringes of two types, on two adjacent edges, the edge with the longer fringe being a selvedge. Remains of selvedge along edge opposite to the latter, selvedge also along inner edge of extension. Self-stripes of two thicknesses made by bunches of weft threads, some of stripes running right across the fragment - a series of 4…

from British Vogue

This Week In Pictures - 1/07/2013

The actress stars in the drama opposite Golshifteh Farahani. The two play friends Marilyn and Mona – who bond over their love of belly dancing and end up fleeing to Santa Fe after the latter fears she will be accused of murdering her own mother-in-law.


Yuji Moriguchi. This moves me but in opposite ways. Sad for the lonely girl or content with her time to dream. Leaning toward the latter.