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Series Documents the Dangerous, Fascinating Work of Commercial Fishermen on the Bering Sea

Insect breeder taunts freaky-looking whip spider... and gets bitten

Whip spiders, or tailless whip scorpions, are officially known as Amblypygids. The creatures are found in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. They range from five to 60 centimetres, depending on the size of their long front legs. These legs, modified to sensory organs, have the appearance of whips. Whip spiders have poor eyesight despite possessing eight eyes.


�Deadliest Catch� Episode Guide (June 10): Opilio-Crab Season Kicks Off With Cornelia Marie�s Return


Bairdi crab vs Opilio crab One can hardly help being amazed by the various different types of creatures that walk the Earth. With thousands and thousands of creatures already discovered, scientists…