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A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory Learning Theories - in the context of children's learning but this can be adapted for adult learning.

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Identity Tapestry by Mary March. A paticipatory tapestry where participants map aspects of their identity creating this installation reflecting the complexity and interconnecting aspects of identity/ humanity.

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Over the years, we have walked sections of the Thames Path. In recent times even more sections have been opened alongside the river which is our favourite place to walk.

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Recycled Paper Heart Garland, Shakespeare Hearts, Cream Bunting

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Final Frame: Recycled Computer Parts World Map

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In the 1770s and 1780s printed cotton fabrics began to replace silk in popularity for women’s gowns. The material of this gown has a dotted ground and is printed in a repeating pattern of floral sprays. The gown has a fitted back and open front below the waist, revealing a petticoat of the same fabric. The lack of decoration and use of cotton instead of silk indicates that this gown was probably worn during summer afternoons for card games and tea parties, rather than for evening dress.

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Past to Present: 3 Ways to Bring Back Subway Tile

Wainscoating, subway tile, open shelves, glass door cabinets, latches on the cabinets, wood paneled ceiling. EVERYTHING IS HERE!

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Infographic of the Day: Using Flickr Geotags to Map the World's Cities [UPDATED]

San Francisco - Photographer Eric Fischer uses Flickr's geotags to create city maps that show the places of intense human interest.

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