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Dutch sign deal to buy eight Joint Strike Fighter jets

Naval Open Source INTelligence: Dutch sign deal to buy eight Joint Strike Fighter jets

The China Challenge: A strategic vision for U.S.-India relations

Naval Open Source INTelligence: The China Challenge: A strategic ...


Russia to Question US-Japan Missile Defense Plans


Buddha Radio Android App - , Buddha Radio has a very simple philosophy - to bring you the very best music that makes you feel good and feeds your soul. Buddha aims to add a touch of calm, positivity and optimism to our busy lives.Features:» With intelligent streaming, you’ll get CD-quality radio on a WiFi connection and less drop-outs when you’re on the go.» See what’s playing now and what’s coming up.» Set an alarm to wake-up to your favourite chill out tunes. » Connect with…

Being Unique in the Business World

"The mind always wants to do something. It is not interested in hearing that nothing needs to be done. And that's not the same as saying "don't do anything". Things will be done. In fact, everything that needs to be done is already being done." ~Mooji


The Big Data Landscape

The Big Data Landscape via Dave Feinleib of Forbes: Vertical Apps, Ad/Media Apps, Business Intelligence, Analytics & Visualization, Log Data Apps, Data As A Service, Analytics Infrastructure, Operational Infrastructure, Infrastructure As A Service, Structured Databases, and Misc Technologies


AutOSINT – is an open source intelligence gathering engagements.