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Love this infographic on the myths of open source software. At CX, we love open source software and use it ourselves. Read our blog about it here:

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Some Open Source software for YOUR SMALL BUSINESS. Open source software is inexpensive (and often free!), secure, and easy to customize to the unique needs of your company. Unlike many commercial applications on the market today, you can even find in-depth, no-cost tech support from within the user community.

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Stick People Community

Make a Stick Person! Heck, make a Stick Community! Fun, open-ended craft that preschoolers (and toddlers) can do all by themselves, and work on their fine-motor skills at the same time. Plus you get some free DIY dolls to roleplay with at the end! ~ Danya Banya

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Completely FREE, forever, online Cyber Security training. Learn, contribute and join the only free and open source cyber security training community online.

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Identity Tapestry by Mary March. A paticipatory tapestry where participants map aspects of their identity creating this installation reflecting the complexity and interconnecting aspects of identity/ humanity.

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If you are console fan boy then you might wanna have these video game consoles and handhelds which run on Linux and Android. Some are intended to run Android games, classic PC games, emulate the game consoles like Playstation, Nintendo 64, MAME, SNES, Amiga 500/1200, Commodore 64, Atari ST/800/2600, etc plus run homebrew games and applications.

CyanogenMod community launches Lineage OS: A new open source program

Country garden with summerhouse

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