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Potato Cakes peel and cut potatoes, boil in salted water untill just cooked, drain and cool. Next make the garnish. dice sweet potato and onions and sautéd untill cooked. Next I crushed the potatoes and added the filling, seasoned with salt and pepper. form using a ring mold to make the cakes. cook in a cast iron pan with olive oil over an open fire, untill crispy and hot.


How to Cook on an Open Fire

How to Cook on an Open Fire - Montana Homesteader | #aaa #camping


Campfire cooking at it's best Campfire Cooker "Grandpa Jakes" This is a heavy-duty campfire cooker,


Our Artisan Wood Fired Pizzas, cooked in our converted vintage Horsebox have proved so popular that we have been racking our brains for a way to bring that same classic, Artisan feel to our Pizzas...


Grill Grate setup for Fire Pit. NICE! And I think it folds up too! And if you needed to, you could DIY build this! Perfect for LARPing! Small, portable and SUPER useful! ;)