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Writing a Research Report for Kids is Child's Play with these Tools

How to Research! Will be printing this put for my students as a reference. Page also has links to webquests that teach how to discern factual info from sites.

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6 Content Writing Do's #infographic

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Create Your Own Animal

Create your own animal. Fun website for the kids. After they create their animal, they could write about it. Another idea, they could do descriptive writing and then have a partner try to figure out which animal is there prior to seeing the pic of the animal.

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How to write a kickass Instagram Bio

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Hamilton Inspired Fan Art, Printable Hamilton Musical Quote Subway Word Art Poster, Young Scrappy Hungry, 11x14 and 8x10 INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Optimize Me: The Only Etsy SEO E-Course You'll Ever Need

Optimize Me is a top-to-bottom Etsy SEO course taught by a fortune 500 SEO consultant (who also happens to be a six-figure Etsy seller!) Get your SEO on and solve those traffic problems once and for all! Click to get yours!

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What’s the deal with renewing items on Etsy

If you’ve done literally ANY research on making your Etsy shop succeed, you probably noticed there’s a shit ton of chatter out there about renewing your items. You’re probably wondering why the hell you’d spend money for absolutely no reason at all whatsoever?? Well today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of renewing, and help you figure out whether it’s right for your shop. Click to read more.

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How to Launch a High-Value Online Course

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