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The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to master a new skill, expand your knowledge, or eventually boost your career.

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GERMAN is widely spoken around the World - especially in the EU. It is a largely PHONETIC Language that has EVOLVED over the years. What is WRITTEN is usually what is SPOKEN -- thus making the Language a JOY to LEARN. If you need a FUN and EASY-to-FOLLOW course to get the CONFIDENCE to SPEAK German, this is an excellent choice in that it TAILORS the course to the NEEDS of the Learner in a way that works for them. MORE at:

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Today's British Sign Language (BSL) sign is: FRIEND - Learn BSL today - Online Course -

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We've created this awesome infographic on the Top TEFL Destinations to make life easier for you when deciding where to go on your TEFL adventure. Feel free to share!

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Poster (A3) - Les Boissons

Getränke für Deutsch 2 listen voc. food.

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Free American Sign Language Courses on ASL's site. Each course equals .5 credit for American high school or 4 University semester hour credits.

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The Ultimate List of Online Learning Infographic -

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Free ESL lesson plans, because good lesson plans are good for everyone. Course I don't know if they are good -- I need to explore this later

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Awesome Travel Tip: Meeting Locals BEFORE You Travel

AWESOME TRAVEL TIP: MEETING LOCALS BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. Many of us therefore prepare for our trip by buying a language phrasebook or swotting up on online language courses ahead of the trip, in the hope that this will allow us to interact more with the locals while we are there. #TravelTip #TwoMonkeysTravelGroup

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9 Free Language Learning Online Methods You Can’t Miss!

It's not hard to find free language learning online but it is hard to find the good stuff. Here are the best free tools for learning a new language!

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17 Hobbies You Can Pick Up For Free Online

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How Spanish numbers are formed: First, you should learn the red numbers (so you will be able to sing the pinball song ^^), then the blue ones (now you can count 1-100) and finally the green ones (almost any number you can think of).

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Developmental English I (Basic-Grammar) Parts of speech, Punctuation, Sentence Structure. Book free of charge test lesson. Also, check other personalised online courses available on the platform.