Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity by shannon

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Budgeting principles, financial goal setting, managing money. Daunting subject matter. Daunting statistics. 64% of Young Adults say that financial fitness is more important than physical fitness.† 55% of teens say they want to learn more about how to manage their money.†† 93% of Americans believe financial literacy education should be a required class for all High School students.†††

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This course is part of the Discovering Science Program, which will enable you to learn about the extraordinary world of everyday chemistry, and earn 10 credits from the University of Leeds.

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This free online course offers an in-depth exploration of general, organic and analytic chemistry. It examines various topics such as chemical equilibrium, rates of reaction, chromatography and their applications in real-world industries. These tutorials are are an excellent complement to chemistry classes for students or for those working in the chemical industry who would like to refresh their knowledge of these topics. #freelearning #ALISON #chemistry

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