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Mysterious 3600 year old 'Sky Calender' is first sky map

The Sky Disc was discovered in Germany in 1999. Experts believe the Nebra Sky Disc was a calculator to help Bronze Age people predict the best times for sowing and harvesting in spring and autumn from the Middle Bronze Age/1600 BC

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Etsy Seller Tips - SEO on Etsy »

SEO on Etsy - a complete guide! Click to read the article to fully understand the infographic.

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So you know your chronological age, but what's your age on the inside? Professor Ulrik Wisloff director of the KG Jebsen Centre for Exercise in Medicine at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and his team have developed an online calculator to help you figure out your personal fitness age. Try it here.

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Age Defy+ 24 Hr Brightener | Pregnancy Calendar | Pregnancy Calculator week by week | Red Online

How will YOU die? Take this test to find out

The interactive chart which calculates the likelihood of someone's cause of death based on their age, gender and ethnicity, has been created by UCLA statistician Nathan Yau.