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Siren Story NUMBER 8

Migraines cause enormous extremely painful one sided head pain. This picture represents the agony of a migraine well.

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Thank God it's Friday cause Friday will always be better than Sunday because Sunday's my suicide day

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You're having a migraine? Make yourself a potion made from lemon and salt that will stop the pain in 3 minutes! (RECIPE)

Migraines affect almost 1 out of every 10 people. Interestingly enough, migraines are in the top twenty complaints that cause people to call in sick for work. You need three things to make this magic drink – water, lemon juice from a lemon, and two teaspoons of salt. Mineral that

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Understanding Trigger Points – Pain at the Base of the Head and Under Shoulder Blade

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These two sides of me came out about 4 days ago. I bottled it up & bottled it up until I snapped at wasn't pleasent. But I can only stand someone being hard headed for so long until I say something, which I try to refrain from cause it just causes more bad air & headaches. On the other hand...I wish I a few other people out there were in front of me and test me like that dumbass did. Lol seriously.. Maybe one day:)

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The Twelve Doctors. THIS is one of the cleverest 12th doctor related things I've seen so far! (gifs)

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