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Community Post: The 11 Best Replies To One Direction's Tweets

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He promised haters. Ha! So I will happily see Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry together as One Direction in 2017.

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Best of One Direction Memes

This is me and my best friend.. I'll be at her house and she will literally FaceTime someone when I'm right there and I'm just like "bruh"

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Which #OneDirection member are you? Take the quiz and find out!

Which One Direction Song Are You?

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At least he knows he tweets a load of crap! :) One Direction | Funny Interview | One Direction Interview "60 minutes" (Australia) Full | Harry Styles

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This just reminded me, I got in trouble the other day for being sassy....I wonder where I got it from? Lol. Then I tweeted Lou that his habits were rubbing off on me.

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If One Direction's Tweets Were Poems

And seeing as the guys of One Direction are extremely poetic and intellectual tweeters, we decided to create some special 1D masterpieces. | If One Direction's Tweets Were Poems