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"Maybe not now. Maybe not tomorrow but one day you'll be resting in the areas of someone capable of loving you the way you love them." -RH Sin

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And there will be someone that comes along one day and offers you an entire galaxy when you only expected a single planet.

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20 Image Quotes To Share

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You would be more than enough for me. But im not enough for you. And one day you will find someone that makes you so happy. you deserve it

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"I promise you - I truly promise - that one day your sweet, tender, tortured heart will find the way to a love that loves just like you do." - Wes Angelozzi

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Yeah, dude. I mean, yup - things became ugly - stuff got messy - but we were so damn close to each other - Since November, things just spiraled out of control. I believe it was written to happen that way, but I wish for once, that both of us can defy destiny and just TALK one day. Just TALK! Because, all of a sudden - a conversation that was NEVER supposed to STOP, STOPPED. And, it's okay. I don't even want to be FRIENDS anymore. I just want to have one CONVERSATION. Last one. Cry my heart…

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