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The view from Jupiter's south pole from the Juno spacecraft has just been released. Amazing.

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Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship ignites engine in flight

Onboard camera shows SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully landing from space – video

Onboard Camera Shows SpaceX Falcon 9 Successfully Landing from Space – Video | Science | The Guardian

RC plane crash (onboard camera) -

ISIS fighters blasted in drone strike during Battle for Fallujah

Onboard camera show Iraqi air force blast ISIS militants holding out in Fallujah..,JUN16

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RC Airplane Crash with onboard camera -

Orion's onboard camera captures the flames of its re-entry

Orion has splashed down at its target point 275 miles (442 km) west of Baja, California, after re-entering the atmosphere at 20,000 mph (32,000 kph) and enduring temperatures of 2,200°C (4,000°F).

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