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10 Fun Kids Christmas party games. A super selection of festive fun for kids of all ages with low prep and high excitement to make any seasonal party go off with a bang

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Here Are The 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World! Did Your Pup Breed Make The List? - Barmy Pets

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Thanks to the little visitor that appears on my chin every 28 days, I’ve always known that the skin is the window into our bodies and the health of our organs. But connecting the dots isn’t always easy, seeing as how I prefer to believe my insides are made of spun silk (weak stomach). This visual cheat couldn’t …

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Elf on the shelf and reindeer pets play pin the nose on Rudolph! View #2 I downloaded a coloring page and then used the paint program on the computer to color it and make it bigger. Then I printed it on card stock and trimmed the edges a little, glued the picture to blue cardstock, and used my circle paper punch to get the noses.Here is the link to the picture I used. You can color it online too but I wanted it bigger that's why I downloaded it…

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A Guide to Alternative Ear Piercings. I already have lobe piercings on both sides, I want to get either a second lobe or a helix on both sides for my birthday (that is, if mom says no to a nose piercing!).

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Natural way to remove Blackheads from your Nose instructions: You need honey, a pinch of cinnamon and a few pieces of wool. Mix honey and cinnamon in a small bowl, then apply an appropriate amount of paste resulting on the nose affected by blackheads. Put a piece of cotton wool on the nose and wait 3 to 5 minutes. After you remove it, you’ll notice that they were separated and remained glued on the cotton.

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I dusted off my scissors and whipped up some new Christmas bag toppers this week after I finished working on my Document Your December doodles! These Reindeer Noses were inspired by my love of Malt...

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Highlighting your chin, forehead and anywhere near the nose (except for the actual tip of the nose itself) will make you look sweaty and oily. Besides the point of the nose, cupids bow on the lip and the inner corners of the eye I would never highlight anywhere down the middle of the face

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