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Inside Atlanta's most expensive home: With 11 bathrooms, nine bedrooms, a movie theater and SEVEN kitchens you'd never have to leave


Olympia, Greece. They allow you to walk all the way down to the stage and imagine what the orators saw.


The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza by Andrea Palladio is the first indoor theater in masonry in the world. (via Italian Ways | The Olympic Theater in Vicenza)


Romans loved jewellery and solid gold bracelets and rings were often worn by women. Bracelets in the form of snakes were very popular and it was thought th


Tour of Florida. August, 3 - August, 12 August 3, Elvis arrives in Miami for a few weeks of touring before heading to Los Angeles. Over two days, Elvis managed 7 shows at the Olympia Theatre and as the year before in Florida he performed amidst scenes of rioting fans leaving one show with his pants completely torn. 3-4 August. Olympia Theatre, Miami, Florida (7 shows in 2 days)


A Greek theater is not the same as a Roman theater. Ancient Greek theaters were very large, open-air structures that took advantage of sloping hillsides for their terraced seating. Because of drama's close connection with religion, theaters were often located in or near sanctuaries.