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Recipe: Olympic Provisions' Chocolate Salami | Recipes | Portland Monthly

Best sausages for the summer grill

Bratwurst idea - warm a bath of water+beer on grill, soak bratwursts to warm them up, then grill to get a good sear

Olympia Provisions Favorite Sausage Collection

Stumped for Christmas presents this year? These cocktail nibbles get all dressed up for the holidays.

The Charcuterie Board at Portland's Olympic Provisions Is All Pork

[Photo: Dina Avila/Eater] Unlike many of the butcher shops profiled thus far during the Five Days of Meat, Olympic Provisions's flagship Portland restaurant does not make its charcuterie in-house....



Capicola | Capicola to Italians, capocollo to Americans, capicolla to Canadians, “gabagoul” to Tony Soprano — whatever you call it, capicola is made from the neck of the pig, coppa, prized for its perfect ratio of 30 percent fat to 70 percent lean, making the meat moist and tender. At Olympic Provisions, it’s cured for 10 days, then coated in black pepper, fennel seed, coriander, and anise and slow-roasted to produce a tender ham. (We have also included two other options if you want to mix…

Olympic Provisions—House-cured chorizo. Best in all the West Coast. Melts in your mouth.

Olympic Provisions' Porchetta Sandwich


Best sausages for the summer grill

The best in brats, franks and more: Order these eight kinds of sausages to cook on your summer grill.