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Olympic Rings bagel pizzas. Not quite what's in the picture, but a fun Olympic watching treat.

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It takes 30 mins of Olympic rowing to burn off 2 glasses of wine

TWO GLASSES OF WINE: Two large goblets of red contain 437 calories, as much as two slices of pizza. It would take 30 minutes of Olympic kayaking - which requires a much faster rate than when one canoes for pleasure - to burn them off. This would give the arm, shoulder and upper body an intense workout too

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Special Olympics GB benefits from donations made through Pennies on the Domino's Pizza website. In total, over 1M people have donated, raising over £ 175K! Amazing stuff eh?

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20+ Simple paper collage ideas for kids

Chapter 6 page 160 Collage- Collage engages not only creativity but also helps to develop fine motor skills from tearing, cutting, gluing, and then pasting down. It's fun for any age group and can be created with any material or medium! pizzacollage 350 | Simple paper collage ideas for kids | Pasting activities Paper Crafts Christmas Crafts

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Brownlee brothers: 10 things nobody tells you about being a professional triathlete

The Olympic gold and bronze medallists Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee reveal why nudity, pizza and elastic bands are important parts of the professional triathlon experience

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