Oliver and felicity fanfiction

Okay I know this is an "Inagine Your OTP" thing but I can just imagine this happening between Dean and Blair. Blair is Person B in this situation.

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Shielded Arrow (Oliver and Felicity -Olicity- Fanfiction) ~2nd book in the Saga~ - Chapter 27 - Wattpad

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Olicity: Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak from Arrow | 9 Fanfiction Pairings We Ship Even Harder Around Valentines Day

#wattpad #fanfiction Oliver and Felicity have driven off leaving Starling City and their lives behind. This is my story of what happens to them after S3E23. Involves Oliver's PTSD, some of his scars explained, and the couple living REAL LIFE in AU. Warning like the Arrow writers, I am dark. WARNING MAJOR ANGST but a...

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