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The Official Trailer For The Final Wolverine Film 'Logan' Is Just Badass As Hell! NEWS— eastcoastmovieguys

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Professor X aka My Favorite Old Timer, Quicksilver aka My Reluctant New Favorite, and Wolverine aka My Always and Forever Favorite

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'The Wolverine' (finally) gets a release date

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. His aging process has slowed down dramatically because of his mutation. He is suspected to have been born sometime between 1886 and 1887. I think he looks somewhere around 30 years old.

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Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Người Sói: Trận Chiến Cuối Cùng) Là phần cuối cùng trong series về dị nhân X-Men: Wolverine

Rare And Classic Wolverine comics, Wolverine, Wolverine comic books, Old Wolverine Comics, Marvel NOW!

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