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A very Gothic image - London shrouded in fog - a fog that featured in many Urban Gothic narratives

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Terrace of the Houses of Parliament, c.1910

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(Open RP! I'm the girl. Someone be the guy??) He walked into the tavern cautious of the people around him. They were all criminals for sure. He could tell. As he took a seat. A girl and a man sit beside me. One look I know that poor girl isn't a felon. She sits close to the man but seems terrified of him. I get a look at him and I realize he's a hunter. The hunter. This poor girl must be his prey.

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speech 2 Posted with Post to Tumblr Saved from Visit Old London Photo by Mike Hewson on Flickr Susan

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Temple Bar, designed by Christopher Wren in 1672, once stood in the Strand as one of the gates to the City of London, but it was removed in 1877 and languished in Theobalds Park in Hertfordshire until it was brought back and installed at the entrance to Paternoster Square next to St Pauls Cathedral in 2004. In Search of Relics of Old London Spitalfields Life

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