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Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls: combines animal heads made from hardened shredded muslin with vintage doll bodies that are dressed with old clothes and accessories added.

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folk doll from The Old Pretenders - The finest museum quality reproductions and restorations of 17th and 18th century English wooden dolls

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Of Paper Dolls and Cute Rabbits

I had LOTS of those. I feel old. Lol. I even had a book full of paper doll clothes that I remember pressuring my mum to buy.

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Ray Alan, the ventriloquist voice behind Lord Charles, dies aged 79

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Spider: Textile Art. Mister Finch. He likes to use old tapestries--look how he has cut the fabric just so, placed the stitches just so....

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VICTORIAN DOLLS HOUSE - I'm so totally in love with this one. Looks so real and just like a house of its day. The chimneys, the color of the house and the down pipes look so authentic - I can almost sense the people living inside.

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“Helen and Ruthie” dolls were released in a limited edition of 75 in 2006. Maggie Iacono

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Playschool! Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty, Big Ted and Hamble. Hamble always reminded me of Richard Baker the newsreader.

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