Old Lincoln Wheat Pennies: The 7 rare wheat pennies most people search for include: 1909-S ($100 and up) 1909-S VDB ($750 and up) 1914-D ($200 and up) 1922 plain cent ($650 and up) 1931-S ($100 and up) 1943 bronze ($100,000 and up) 1955 doubled die ($1,000 and up)

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Approximately 40 1943 copper-alloy cents are known to remain in existence.

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5 Rare Lincoln Cent Coins to Watch For - Lincoln Cent collectors are always on the lookout for these highly collectible coins. They could show up in your pocket change. Have you looked lately?

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Here are the rarest wheat pennies, along with the prices and values for these rare Lincoln wheat pennies.

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Five coins you should be looking for right now! All wheat-back Lincoln cents (Before 1959) All nickels before 1960 Any dimes and quarters before 1965 (these are silver) All half dollars before 1971 (these are silver) Any coins that appear to have mistakes — such as doubled dates, doubled images, or missing parts of the design

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What are your silver coins are worth? Our coin expert answers that for you. Plus info on the most valuable silver coins & how to find them in pocket change.

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The 1909 VDB wheat penny is one of the most interesting coins in the Lincoln cent series. photo by Joshua at TheFunTimesGuide.com

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